Poros shipping Agencies Inc (PSA) was founded in Montreal, Canada in 1985 with the goal of providing our clients customized personal service that would enable them to grow and prosper. PSA offers a wide range of shipping and cargo related services to a diverse international clientele of charterers, operators, ship owners, shippers and receivers trading in the bulk tanker and tramp market.

We maintain our reputation of service, integrity and reliability by employing only qualified and dedicated personnel who adhere to stringent quality standards. By being independently owned and operated, we are able to better safeguard our clients' interests and ensure a swift economic turnaround.

PSA understands that the world of shipping is constantly evolving and by quickly adapting to your company's unique needs with quality service and customer support, we are able to build long term relationships.

In short, our success is dependent on our commitment to "Keeping you Competitive".

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